Tour Guide Africa (TGAFrica) Series #4: Ouirane Travel and Tours Algeria

Today on the Tour Guide Africa (TGAfrica) series, we have Fayeq Natour, a tour guide based in Tipasa, Algeria where he leads adventurous and cultural tours at Ouirane Travel and Tours. In this episode, we learn about his business, explore his top destinations in Africa, the best places to visit in Algeria, top travel tips, and much more.

The Tour Guide Africa (TGAfrica) Series, is a weekly group of interviews with local tour guides and operators who are powering the African tourism industry.

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Hello Fayeq, tell us about you, your career, and how you started Ouirane Travel and Tours?

Actually with experience of more than twenty-year in the travel and tourism industry. I started in Jordan, Oman, and for the past 8 years, I have been working in Algeria. We started a travel and tourism agency under the name of Ouirane Travel and Tourism. We succeeded within a short period to get a got share in the Algerian market. We had the chance to receive FITs and groups from Italy, Russia, Malaysia, England, Singapore, and China.

What destinations in Africa do you organize tours and activities to? If you are to give an estimate, how many tourists have you organized a holiday for?

We currently organize tours and activities in Egypt, Tunisia, and South Africa. In and out, so far we have organized holidays for over 2700 tourists from all over the world.

So tell me, one of your most memorable moments since you started Ouirane Travel and Tours Algeria?

Some of the most memorable moment include visiting the Djanet Desert and Mountains in Algeria and staying at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

As a tour guide, when is the best time to visit Algeria?

The time will differ depending on the type of activities the tourists would like to do, but Summer is the main outbound travel season. For more information on the best time to visit Algeria and many other African countries, check out Afroscanner, an online travel advisory tool for tourists interested in visiting amazing destinations in Africa.

For a tourist visiting Africa for the first time, where is the one place they need to visit and why?

With my personal experience and I might be biased, I would select Algeria, Egypt and South Africa.

Do you see travel coming back stronger and how are you prepared for it?

Travel is definitely coming back very soon. At this stage, the Algerian borders are still closed, so we are hoping that movment will start again during the coming summer.

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