Tour Guide Africa (TGAFrica) Series #2: Ucomeafrik Tours Nigeria

Today on the Tour Guide Africa (TGAfrica) series, we have got Confidence Aguiyi. He is a local tour guide based in Lagos, Nigeria, and Accra, Ghana and the Director at Ucomeafrik Tours Limited. In this episode, we learn about his business, explore his top destinations, the best places to visit in West Africa, and much more.

The Tour Guide Africa (TGAfrica) Series, is a weekly group of interviews with local tour guides and operators who are powering the African tourism industry.

Tour Guide Africa Episode 2 with Confindence Aguiyi

Hello Confidence, it is nice meeting you. Can tell us about you, your career, and how you started Ucomeafrik Tours LTD?

I am a tour guide and the Director of Ucomeafrik tours. I had my Bachelors from Babcock University Ilisan Remo Ogun state Nigeria. My interest includes traveling, reading, singing and writing. I work as a tour director, guide, concierge, and planner and have been hosting, guiding, and executing tours since 2009. I am very much passionate to help people experience and enjoy my country and West Africa at large.

As a first-timer listening to the media, I understand that the impressions you hear could sound scary, but my mission is to let you know that this is far from the truth. My strong desire to change the perception and increase the tourist flow is a cause I proudly take on. I have asked myself a number of times if this task is achievable before getting into this venture and the resounding feeling is YES. It is a task I have performed time and again in recent months.

I love offering private tours. They give me the opportunity to have a real connection with the guests. Talk about the subjects they care about, answer the question they have in mind whenever they choose a country in West Africa as their vacation destination

How big is the Ucomeafrik Tours team and what type of services do you offer?

The Ucomeafrik team is comprised of seven people. Our services include: airport pick up and drop off, transportation, logistics, invitation letter/documents for visa acquisition. We also help tourists to facilitate and obtain a “visa upon arrival” at the airport only by official prior arrangements before your arrival, market survey for organizations and individuals in business, facilitation for people coming for business trips, translation service in french and two major Nigerian languages(Yoruba/Igbo), and root connection facilitation for those relocating to Nigeria and other countries in West Africa.

Our tours include festival tours (Osun Oshogbo shrine and groove, Calabar festivals, etc ) medical research tours, historical tours, adventure tours, wildlife safari tours, cultural exchange tours, pleasure and romance tours, city tours, nature tours, custom/tailor-made tours, and business tours. West Africa is incredibly rich in history, culture, festivals, arts, etc. I’m sure you will want someone passionate about those subjects, with perfect English to show you the best of what we have got.

On my tours, have been the Twin Doctors TV crew USA, Mary levering of the Library of congress USA, Rumi Massimo of Rumi Massimo Photography, The Males Place, North Carolina ,Ilario from the Netherlands, Dr. Henry Richards, Dr. Glenville Ashby and many more.

What destinations in Africa do you organize tours and activities to? If you are to estimate them, how many tourists have you organized a holiday for?

We offer tours and activities to West African countries – Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Liberia, and the Ivory Coast. So far, we have organized holidays for over 50 tourists from across the world.

So tell me about one of your most memorable moments since you started Ucomeafrik Tours?

I lead a tour to the Kamberi naked tribes found in Nigeria, at the border between Adamawa and Cameroun. The time I lead a research tour on Twinning Phenomenon in Igbo Ora, Oyo state. I also cherished the time I had with the Males place on a triangle tour of Ghana. The best of it all is a 25 days research tour with Dr. Henry Richards on the issue of the Nigeria/Biafra war that I traveled to about 26 states in Nigeria within a month

As a tour guide based in Nigeria and Ghana, when is the best time to visit West Africa?

The best time to visit is west Africa is all year round. For intending tourists reading this, you can find the best time to visit West African countries on Afroscanner. Afroscanner has curated all the necessary information needed to plan a trip to Africa.

Let’s talk about the pandemic, travel has been one of the biggest casualties. Personally, how has the pandemic affected Ucomeafrik Tours and how are you coping?

Corona pandemic paused us in terms of traveling and also affected income as a tour guide based in Nigeria, but we are hopeful that we will come out stronger and better when things finally pick up in the nearest future.

Do you see travel coming back stronger and how are you prepared for the it?

Yes. I see travel coming back. I keep working every day on myself to be well acquainted with trends and new trends in the travel industry that will make a great impact as we bounce back soon.

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