Tour Guide Africa (TGAFrica) Series #1: Range Land Safaris Uganda

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Today on the Tour Guide Africa (TGAfrica) series, we have Ronald Bwambale, a tour guide based in Kampala, Uganda where he leads the private, group, and customized safari tours at Range Land Safaris Uganda. In this episode, we learn about his business, explore his top destinations in Africa, the best places to visit in Uganda, and much more.

The Tour Guide Africa (TGAfrica) Series, is a weekly group of interviews with local tour guides and operators who are powering the African tourism industry.

Hello Ronald, tell us about you, your career, and how you started Range Land Safaris Uganda?

I am a graduate of Wildlife Tourism Management. I’m very passionate about tourism and conservation, having been raised in a village between Queen Elizabeth national park and the Rwenzori mountains national park, this cemented my love for tourism and making it my job.

I have worked in the field of tourism, for 11years as a field guide. I derived the love and desire to open up a tourism company so that I can offer the most cost-effective trip. This is basing on the fact that I have the ability to handle my clients from booking to taking them in the field which greatly reduces the cost of their trips dealing directly with the field guide.

How big is the Range Land Safaris team and what’s unique about your company?

Our team is comprised of 6 people, five men, and one lady, all of whom are passionate about tourism. What makes our company unique is that we handle our trips personally meaning from the booking to the field is done by us not hiring and this makes us consider all the details discussed with the client during the booking process.

What destinations in Africa do you organize tours and activities to? If you are to give an estimate, how many tourists have you organized a holiday for?

Range Land Safaris Uganda does cross-border travel, so we organize trips in Uganda and to Rwanda. So far, we have organized holidays for over 200 tourists from across the world.

On a game drive with Range Land Safaris Uganda - Tour Guide Africa

So tell me, one of your most memorable moments since you started Range Land Safaris Uganda?

I was chased by an elephant while having 7 clients on board. What was so experiential about it, was the 70year old woman who had longed for such experience with the wildlife in her life. It was a dream come true for her. As for the rest of us, we were screaming for God’s help while she enjoyed taking photos of the scene. It chased us for about 200 meters in reverse drive and it was a frightening moment as well as the best moment for one of my clients.

As a tour guide, when is the best time to visit Uganda?

Uganda is a country that can be visited all year round and it is really suitable for tourism. Uganda as a destination is endowed with lots of beautiful gems that will leave every tourist visiting wanting to stay more from the landscape to the savannah wildlife and the primate life having the highest number of Gorillas and Chimpanzees. You can find out more about the best time to visit Uganda on Afroscanner.

For a tourist visiting Africa for the first time, where is the one place they need to visit and why?

For the tourist who is coming to Africa for the first time or revisiting Africa for their safari, I would recommend them to visit the Gorillas in Uganda, this an experience that would stay in their memory for life. 

Let’s talk about the pandemic, travel has been one of the biggest casualties. Personally, how has the pandemic affected Range Land Safaris Uganda and how are you coping?

Generally, the whole world was affected and the travel industry was strongly affected which has left us as a tour guide company in Uganda at losses. The rebuilding process is a bit costly however, we are putting up all the necessary needs to prepare for the resurrection of the industry.

Do you see travel coming back stronger and how are you prepared for it?

Travel is coming back very soon since there is vaccination taking place across the world, which is going to allow people to resume travel. As a tour company, we have followed the standard procedures given by the ministry of health to handle clients while on tour, and in so doing we are now open for bookings of safaris.

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