Tour Guide Africa Series #9: Balsons Tours and Travel Limited

TGAfrica - Balson Tours and Travel Limited

This week on the Tour Guide Africa (TGAfrica) series, we have Jackson Mbaluka, a local tour operator based in Mombasa, Kenya, where he runs Balsons Tours and Travel Limited. Jackson takes us on a journey through how he founded Balson Tours, what his tour company actually does, and other fascinating stuff.

Hello Jackson. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you joined the tourism industry.

I am a businessman and used to work in the shipping and freight forwarding industry. It was there that I launched my tours and travel company after organizing an East Africa Global Meeting for African freight forwarders. I also became involved in organizing events, conferences, and taking friends on game drives.

Interesting. So, what precisely does Balsons Tours and Travel Limited do?

Balsons Tours and Travel Limited offers the greatest safaris, vacations, and travel services in Kenya! We strive to provide you with fascinating safaris to Kenya’s most stunning destinations as a destination management company. We offer trips and safaris to the places in Kenya that we know well, and by doing so, we can provide you with expert information on the destinations’ points of interest. We’ve got you covered whether you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, marvel at the yearly wildebeest migration, enjoy the local culture, or simply visit parks with a lot of animals. Balsons Tours and Travel Limited has been at the forefront of developing and delivering fascinating tours to Kenya for many years.

What is the team size, and what destinations do you offer tours and activities in Africa?

We now have a crew of three, down from eight due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our main destinations in Kenya are the national parks in Mombasa and Nairobi. We have a minimum of 10 tourists booking with us every month.

So, tell me about your most memorable experiences since founding Balsons Tours and Travel Limited?

That was undoubtedly the day a Leopard climbed inside one of our tour vans.

Let’s talk about the pandemic; travel has been one of the primary casualties. How has it affected your business, and do you think travel will return soon?

It has been really challenging, particularly in terms of paying for essentials and office rent. By God’s grace, we have made it and are now on the recovery. We are hopeful that things will return to normal soon. We have implemented all marketing strategies to ensure that we sell while remaining compliant with regulatory rules.

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