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Book Holiday to Africa Now, Pay Later with Afriktrip.

Book Now, Pay Later is a new feature that allows travelers looking to go on holiday to Africa, book tours, and activities on the Afriktrip platform in advance and pay close to the time the tours and activities will start. There are so many uncertainties surrounding planning and booking tours and activities to do for the holiday. Most especially during this period of coronavirus where there are lockdowns, restrictions, airport closures, etc. Book Now, Pay Later, gives travelers the peace of mind and flexibility to book tours and activities, but without any upfront financial commitment.

Couple On a Laptop - Book Holiday to Africa Now, Pay Later with Afriktrip.

Flexibility and an easy booking process are part of the ways we intend to achieve our commitment of providing travelers and our tour partners with the best of service . With increased flexibility, travelers get to book a tour and activity in advance and defer payments until later removing all barriers to purchase. There are travelers that want to book a tour but because of payment, they will decide to hold on and come back later (which they mostly never do). With the Book Now, Pay Later feature, they can now make that booking immediately. Customers that book in advance, have a higher chance of being converted and that’s a good thing for tour operators.

How Does Book Now, Pay Later Work?

As we’ve stated above, Book Now, Pay Later lets a traveler book tours and activities, and defer payment until later. The booking process on the Afriktrip website remains the same, however, at the point of selecting the Payment Method, select “Bank Transfer” and finish the booking. Immediately a booking is made, it will reflect as PENDING in your dashboard and the tour operator organizing the tour will be notified. Once you pay later and our support team can confirm the payment, the booking status will reflect COMPLETED.

Checkout Page - Book Holiday to Africa Now, Pay Later with Afriktrip.

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