7 Tips to Help Plan Your Next Safari

Now that you’ve made up your mind to visit Africa for your next holiday, there are a whole lot of things to consider and preparations to make before you set off exploring the most beautiful and intriguing continent in the world. Afriktrip has got your back and that’s why we have curated the top 7 tips to help you plan your first or next Safari journey to Africa.

  • Choose your operator carefully – It is the safari guide who really makes the whole experience and who will keep you safe. Check out Afriktrip for the best.
  • For the first time Safari tourists – Go game viewing with a guide rather than self-drive. This way, you get to learn a lot about wildlife through the eyes of an experienced tour guide.
  • Timing – Remember to make inquiries as regards to the best time to visit the country you have in mind. The best time to visit African countries for a safari is mostly during the dry season. For example, the best time to visit Tanzania is from June to October. The best time to visit Kenya is from January to march, and July to October. The best time to visit Namibia is from June to October.
  • Budget – On a tight budget, consider traveling during low peak seasons, as tour prices are a lot cheaper. Also, note that some countries are cheaper to explore than others.
  • What to pack – Different countries and the type of activities you are going do on your holiday, requires a few different bits and pieces when you’re packing. Ensure you do the right research and contact your tour guide before embarking on your trip. For all types of Safari, never forget to pack your camera gear to capture all the amazing memories.
  • Taking care of yourself – Dehydration and malaria are serious and can ruin your safari. So ensure to take a lot of water, bring your own Gatorade (replenishing the salts you lose from the activities in the wind and sun), and get the necessary creams (hemorrhoid cream) and medications.
  • Travel Insurance – Ensure you’ve got travel insurance in place before your journey. Travel insurance is highly recommended and this insurance should cover medical, trip cancellation, luggage, and emergency evacuation to the nearest urban hospital.
Tiger - 7 Tips to Help Plan Your Next Safari

Now that we’ve established some essential 7 tips to help plan for your next safari, the next thing is to start checking for the perfect tours & activities to do for your Safari. Visit Afriktrip today, to discover some of the most amazing tours & activities, organized by experienced and 5 stars rated tour guides in Africa.

Ibukunoluwa Salau is the Co-Founder of Afriktrip and Editor-in-chief of The Tour Guide Africa Series.

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